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Red Snapper Season is Officially Open, June 1 – August 28, 2024!

Lots of Huge Red Snapper caught aboard the Entertainer.

Welcome back everyone! What better way is there to start off the red snapper season than jumping on board the Entertainer?  The most well known deep sea fishing boat in the Pensacola and Perdido Key area.  When the weather isn’t very favorable to take out a smaller boat, you have the great option to join a walk on fishing trip with a party boat that’s three times the size of your average center console boat.  Charters are always a good idea if you’re coming to the Gulf Coast but don’t have the time, gear, or knowledge to learn a new fishery, yet want to bring home some fresh Gulf seafood. We offer several options for you to enjoy the area by boat if fishing isn’t something you or your group wants to do.  We also do sunset and dolphin cruises through Big Lagoon and Pensacola Bay, as well as viewing parties for the Blue Angels air shows that Pensacola is so known for.

With the water warming up, so is the bite!  Our trips have already been coming back with boat limits of vermillion snapper, aka beeliners or mingos, as well as white snapper, lane snapper, and various other “bonus” species like strawberry and scamp grouper, porgies, and mangrove snapper.  Most of our fishing is done with a “chicken rig” and squid. This gives you the biggest opportunity to catch a variety of fish from the depths. Once the limit of various snapper species is almost reached, it’s time to retire the small gear from the back of the boat and break out the big guns while everyone else continues to fish from the sides.  This is where the smaller baitfish that are caught as a bycatch during the first half are utilized to entice a huge red snapper to bite.  This type of fishing is not for the faint of heart, you’ll see this once the first angler gets tight on one of these big reef fish.  Heavy tackle and a firm grip are needed for this special type of fight.

With the new month of June finally here, so is everyone’s favorite red snapper season! The 2024 red snapper season runs June 1 – August 28.  The American red snapper is easily considered to be one of the best eating and fighting fish in the Gulf Of Mexico. These are one of the many fish that draw people from all around the world to come to the gulf coast and join the charter boat fleet that we love so much.  If you’ve never experienced the fight of a big red snapper then you are truly missing out!  Red snapper will continue to be a steady bite as things continue to heat up.  There’s no better way to get a cooler full of snapper species than coming out for a 6 or 8 hour fishing trip with us.  See for yourself why the Entertainer is known as the best fishing charter boat in the Pensacola and Perdido Key, FL area.  You can book any time online via our website or by calling our booking office and speaking with Tina directly at (850) 934-1613.